Luke Campbell, Raymond Turturro, and Andy Campbell on the set of T 82 Super Sonic Tonemaker

Luke Campbell, Raymond Turturro, and Andy Campbell on the set of T 82 Super Sonic Tonemaker

Filmmakers Lucas and Andrew Campbell grew up in small town Ohio where they started making movies at an early age.  The brothers completed their first feature film while still in college.  Midnight Skater, a clever and fast placed slasher flick, is currently available across the Untiled States and has been bootlegged everywhere from Iraq to Sri Lanka.  Legendary filmmaker Fred Olen Ray describes Midnight Skater as "one of the most wildly original films I've ever seen."

Shortly after graduating college, Lucas along with his younger brother Andrew secluded to the woods to shoot their second film, Demon Summer.  Once illustrated as Archie comics meets The Evil Dead, the film takes the charm of small town kids from the Midwest and adds a couple gallons of blood.  The film has been officially released in the United States, the UK, and Thailand.

In 2004, the brothers shot their third feature, a horror film about a killer gang running loose in the neon streets of Bronston entitled The Red Skulls.  The film, much like it's predecessors, utilizes the Campbell brother's large group of talented and dedicated friends to pull off the violent street gang.  Also released on DVD, the film marks the Campbell brother's most gruesome title to date.

Soon after the theatrical premiere of The Red Skulls, Luke and Andy began production on their first 16mm feature, Cordoba Nights.  A far departure from their gory past, the film takes a look at a night in the life of a quiet pizza delivery boy named Finn.  During this film the Campbell's were able to work with award winning cinematographer Robert Banks.  Cordoba Nights has screened at numerous film festivals across the country.

During the summer of 2007, the Campbell brothers filmed their fifth movie, a collection of exploitive short stories called Poison Sweethearts.  The film is available through Tempe Video.  After moving to Austin, TX in 2008, the Campbell's filmed their most recent film shot on Super 8mm called T 82 Super Sonic Tonemaker


Andy Campbell

Currently works for the University of Texas in the distant learning program.  Recently he has been creating music videos and documentaries about various bands in the local Austin, TX music scene.  


Luke Campbell

After 8 years of living in Austin, TX near his brother, Luke has recently moved back to Cleveland, OH in the winter of 2016.  Currently working as a senior fraud analyst for Apple Inc, and spending most of his time in the basement on the next creative project.