T82 Super Sonic Tonemaker

In a dark corner of space on the planet Earth, a young male Earth creature struggles creating a large tone making machine. With the hopes of creating the greatest music in the history of the universe, Peter spends his nights hammering metal and welding wires. After numerous failures causing fatal loss, he considers whether to continue on or toss his tonemaker off a bridge. Is the universe pervaded by dark energy? What lies at the end of a wormhole? Peter finds answers to questions he did not ask in his journey of creation.  IMDb

Directed by the Campbell Brothers and filmed in Austin, TX, T82 Super Sonic Tonemaker is a 30 minute short film shot entirely on Super 8mm film.  The film centers around Peter (Raymond Turturro), a young man on a mission to create a large tone making machine that can create the greatest song in the universe.  His plans to debut the T82 at the legendary night club, The White Swan, are delayed as he suffers many mechanical malfunctions.  With the aid of his two friends Reno and Geno (Elias Newton and Kevin Singles) which are played by puppets created by RickyLee Leonard, they attempt to fix the machine with deadly results. Narrated by a quirky scientist (Ashleigh Holeman), the film dives into questions about creativity, motivation, and the universe.

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