Poison Sweethearts

Women.  Cleveland.  Blood Red.  What really goes on inside the snowflake mind of the weaker sex?  When pushed to the vaginal cliffs of exploitation, the fifth carnal lobe will react uncontrollably.  This wildly offensive yet educational film dives into the subtle fertile mind of the modern Cleveland female.  A collection of six short stories attempts to look through the keyhole of the menstrual mind.  What we see is a shocking display of violence, sexual deviance, and a charred soul of consciousness.  Can a scratched and faded history of exploitation give the crisp modern answers to the question feared by the male sex. What lies in the heart of women? IMDb

"Among their undaunted DIY brethren, these astounding filmmakers just keep getting better and better. Poison Sweethearts is a landmark in their already milestone-laden career path. It truly is a sleazoid sensation." DVD Talk

"The Campbell brothers once again deliver in this anthology of humorous stories, bringing the audience back to the 1970’s Grindhouse style of film. This is a keeper." Rogue Cinema

"Poison Sweethearts has all the nastiness, sexiness, and silliness of an expoitation classic.  Luke and Andy Campbell set themselves apart from the rest of the indie film making crews throughout the world by having enough quirk to balance their cool."  Blood Sprayer