The Red Skulls

In the city of Bronston, staying alive is a twenty four hour job... A wild bunch of hooligan kids who call themselves the Red Skulls have been the dominant street gang in the city for years. But everything changes one night when Uri, the leader of the Skulls, sees his best friend hacked to pieces by a rival group. Uri decides to get out of Bronston before he shares his friend's same fate. The only problem is the rest of the gang doesn't plan on letting him out so easy. The new self-appointed leader, Lester, has set a trap to lure Uri back, but without Uri in charge, all is not well within the gang's ranks. A traitorous member has set a trap of his own for Lester and the rest of the Red Skulls are about to become the victims. Now, Uri is about to find out the only thing more dangerous than a backstabbing street gang... is a mutated, cannibalistic street gang! IMDb

"The Red Skulls is an engaging example of independent cinema done right. It's about time the Campbells were accepted as the creative force this film makes them out to be."  DVD Talk

"It's got gallons of gore, some gorgeous gals, and moves at a pretty good clip."  Rogue Cinema

"Hopefully everyone checks this punk rock spin on the gang genre because it’s funny and technically well made."  Bloodtype Online

"Ce n'est pas plus mal non plus et quel carnage!"  Le Coin du DVD

"Crack open a Pabst and enjoy the gang warfare, the mutants, the blood, and the cute rockabilly chicks of The Red Skulls."  Doomed Moviethon

"Some very nice gore effects."  Cinema Fromage