Midnight Skater

Centered in a small college town, a mysterious skateboarder has been spray painting the campus red prompting six students to try to put an end to his vandalism. Meanwhile, several female students on campus have disappeared with no explanation as to why. Just as the students get close to the graffiti culprit, they realize that this is going to be a course in Murder 101. It's zombies, blood, horror, and college hijinks at its best. Are you prepared to find out the bloody mystery behind the "MIDNIGHT SKATER"?  IMDb

"Prepare for an all-out gorefest in one of the most bloody twisted tales of horror ever told!"  Horror Asylum

"It’s a blood-splattered, punk rock fueled romp celebrating zombies, dick jokes, serial murder, and skate boarding. After the first viewing you’ll be spewing quotes and singing the film’s title song as it’s so damn bad it’s amazing. This DVD will become your new favorite cult classic."  Blood Sprayer

"One of the most wildly original films I've ever seen. I flat out loved it!"  Fred Olen Ray

"Peppered with gratuitous violence and low brow humor, Midnight Skater is the kind of movie that would make H. G. Lewis proud."  Utter Trash

"They make you laugh all the way to the blood bank. It's a throwback to another, more devious age of video entertainment. Midnight Skater is pure, mindless fun."  DVD Talk

"Any film that includes two different girls telling people to “suck my dick,” severed-limb sex spanking and homosexual geeks with inflatable sheep has some issues."  Horror Talk

"If you’re looking for a fun get-together drinking movie, 
where you can laugh at bad zombie make-up and ample bloody gore, then pick up “Midnight Skater” as fast as you can."  Film Threat

"I had more fun with Midnight Skater than I expected, if you're a fan of low rent horror, then give this release a chance."  Blu-Ray Authority

"The characters are so likeable that by the end of the movie you want to be part of the gang. What sets this one apart from the 999 other no-budget zombie flicks released in the last 12 months is that this one is good." B Independent

"This is a twisted film, just as the case promises. These guys didn’t pull any punches when they went for the splatter."  Zombie A Go Go

"Goodbye cerebral cortex! It's been fun!" DVD Verdict

"Midnight Skater is highly enjoyable! It has to be one of the best shot on video flicks in recent years."  Films on the Fringe

"If there's one thing that Midnight Skater doesn't skimp on,  it's the blood and gore!"  Feo Amante