WRC Splatter Rampage Wrestling

Barbed wire. Thumbtacks. Cheese graters!?! For the WRC wrestling federation, it's just another day at the office. Join Sam the Dirty Bum as he presents the greatest feuds between these backyard warriors in SPLATTER RAMPAGE WRESTLING!! Watch in horror as they do everything from dive off rooftops through tables, to setting each other on fire! The Masked Mauler...Skulls...Puppy Lover...all these wrestlers have one goal in mind- to be crowned champion of the WRC! It's violent, it's extreme, and it's insanely hysterical!  IMDb

"As hard as it is to watch the carnage unfold, it's even harder not to stare transfixed. These boys are insane. Totally in-f*cking-sane."  B Independent

"Loud, obnoxious, fake, real, silly, smart, inventive, regressive, and deeply sarcastic."  DVD Verdict